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Nestled in the heart of the Kalahari Bushveld, Okavango Game Farms offers any guest a phenomenal wilderness experience.

Founded in 2001, Damon Harvey and Brian Gibson have managed to develop a 'raw' piece of the Kalahari into a superb sustainable game ranch. Eco-Tourism and game hunting together, play an integral role in the overall management of the 12800 Ha ranch, of which 3500 Ha is dedicated to game breeding and hunting.

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The luxury lodge and accommodation is the ideal way to relax after the days activities. Lounge in the pool during the midday or enjoy a steaming hot sauna in the evening!

Only 1 hour away from the Okavango River, day trips tiger fishing excursions, can also be arranged.Come and experience an unforgettable Africa with us.

Okavango Game Farms was founded in 2002 by Damon Harvey and Brian Gibson. The two met on a safari in Botswana and the seed of developing a raw piece of land into a magnificent game ranch was planted.

After a suitable and sizeable area was secured, development began. Living in small pup tents in a vastly un-explored area, Brian & Damon began following used game trails and bird movements to get an idea of where to put in road structures, water-holes and a fixed camp. A helicopter proved to be a real help in this regard!

After some months of exploration, the plans started falling into place and development began. Our first roads were cut and scraped by means of "panga" followed by a small tractor with scraper. It was winter and very productive as we could work all day because of the cool temperatures. After the first month of cutting roads, we measured 35km of completed tracks! Then came the summer!!! After 11am the temperatures soared and the fencing and road cutting slowed dramatically! In November 2002 our first rains fell, much to our relief. But our relief was short lived. With the rains came the Elephants! In a single day we counted over 400 of the beasts foraging through the farm, as the game-fencing was not yet completed!

Luckily, once the fences were done, the breeding herds with calves did not challenge the boundaries but moved around them. Only the lone bull Elephants crossed the fences, but with well designed fences the damage is normally minimal and spring back into place after the animal has passed. To this day we have Elephant Bulls on the farm during the rain season, which are a pleasure to see whilst out on game-drive or just sitting around the water-hole in camp.

In 2005 we began stocking the land with more animals suited to the area. Being Kalahari Sandveld, we brought in Eland, Wildebeest, more Kudu, Gemsbok and Impala. The existing population of Zebra, were breeding well as were the Duiker, Steenbuck and Warthog. In 2006 we noticed a number of big Kudu Bulls within the farm which must have jumped the fence in pursuit of the cows inside.

The predators have always been here and consist of Caracal, Brown & Spotted Hyena, Cape Fox, African Wild Dog and Leopard. For the past two years we've had a female Leopard with her cubs drinking IN camp on a nightly basis! The animals have settled well into their 3500Ha and there are normal movement and breeding patterns, which is always a relief to witness as a game farm owner/manager!



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  • Main Lodge

    Okavango Game Farms prides itself in exquisite and comfortable lodging!

    The main area consists of a lounge, dining room, bar and guest toilet, all on platforms built in amongst beautiful "Purple Pod Terminalia" trees. This all overlooks a central watering hole which attracts an array of bird species and animals alike. At night the water-hole is floodlit making for an almost surreal setting.

    The sleeping quarters are 4 spacious "Meru" style tents erected on decking each with its own bathroom en suite. The water is heated by fire boilers and the outdoor showers are truly something to experience! Pathways are lit by lanterns at night giving the camp a "fairy-tale" effect. The tents surround the central water-hole, but leave ample access for the game to reach the water. At night you may hear the trample of hooves or the slurp of an elephant's trunk at the water.

    Try the steaming hot sauna, with a plunge in the icy splash pool on a winter evening. No better way to get rid of the African dust after the day!

    Satellite television and internet connectivity is available on request.

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  • Blue Wildebeest, Duiker (Common, Grey), Eland (Cape), Gemsbok, Impala, Kudu, Steenbok, Warthog, Zebra
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